We are the team you start with. We believe any digital product can go to market in 3 months. Don't believe us? Start the conversation...


With over 15 years of development and training, we live and breath digital. We are experts in our craft and we take pride in the work that we do. That's why we push to hone our skills. If we don't know something, we find the guys that do and work with them until we get it done. Sometimes expertise is knowing your limits. Sometimes it's pushing them.


TFS has launch software around the world in over 18 software lanuages and toolkits. Who knew there were that many? We love learning. We read the documentation. We understand that software is complex and it takes experience to do it right.


Once your product has come to life, TFS can introduce you to industry experts that can help you maintain and market your product. Whether it's software support, capital investment, or staffing, TFS partners with the best to give your product the competitive advantage.

No matter your scope or your budget, we know what it takes to get the job done. It all starts with discovery...


Our process begins with discovery. We workshop the big ideas and break them down into a plan that fits your needs. Once we know what we're building, we get to work in the construction phase.


Certified agile masters, we iterate until the job is done. You own the product when we're done. That's why we start with transition in mind. We'll deliver everything you need to maintain the product long after we're gone.


Our customers love working with us. We keep a level head and meet expectations. We want you delighted every step of the way.

We love a challenge. We've worked with some amazing customers. Take a look at what we've built...


We've worked with customers that deliver computing power to the edge. From smart lighting to connected door handles, we've worked with bluetooth mesh, 5g, and IoT cloud native frameworks. Making things talk is our passion. Get your product talking.


Our bread and better. We've been launching web applications since our founding. Full stack at its finest. We are front-end ninjas and backend magicians. See your web application come to life in as little as 3 months.

Cloud Native

The cloud is just someone else's computer. Wether it's Amazon's, Google's or Microsoft's computer we'll whip it into shape and move data where you need it. We've supported massive infrastructure and data loads for major industries. Finance. Health. IT. We speak cloud.


Computers can get small. Very small. We can handle those too. We're hackers at heart and prototype when we need to. We've launched on ESP32, Telink Semi, Solid-Run i.MX, Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Nordic chipsets. Sensors. Sensors. Sensors.

Machine Learning

Want to know what your data is missing? Machine Learning. We know how to implement the world's leading ML technologies so that you can understand your data and gain new insights on your product.


Mobile is here to stay. We've launched apps around the world on both iOS and Android. We're up to speed on the latest frameworks so that you can launch your mobile app fast. Write once. Deploy everywhere. That's how we do it.